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Convert more inbound callers into patients

PROPS Center has partnered with Patient Prism Software to provide a 25% discount for their call recording and analysis software.

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Prism’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered call recording, analysis, and reporting platform, enables you to motivate and train your team members to achieve over 80% conversion rates, month to month, throughout the year.

The best part, Patient Prism alerts you when opportunities are missed and tells you the estimated revenue loss based on your unique fee schedule - within 10 minutes. The dashboard gives you real-time intelligence to see the problem and fix it fast.


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Don't delay in scheduling your demo. The faster you start using Patient Prism, the faster you'll see a 30% new patient revenue increase!


“We’ve gone from booking 65% of new patient calls to booking 92% of callers. It’s definitely increased new patient revenue; there’s a direct correlation.”

Nicole Struckhoff - Practice Manager
Washington Smiles

How We Help Dental Practices & DSOs Increase Revenue

Did you know:

  • 32% of phone calls are missed.
  • 42% - 50% of answered calls don’t schedule an appointment.
  • Patient Prism is only $299 per month.

The average ROI for customers using Patient Prism is 13,277%.

Depending on the size of the practice, our AI software can help generate thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of added revenue each month.

We also track which marketing investments are most effective. And we provide coaching and training to help staff manage calls more effectively.

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Here, why don't you see what your actual revenue increase could be?

Calculate your new patient revenue Your Practice
Your current number of new patient visits per month
Your average revenue for the first visit of a new patient
Your average annual production revenue per patient

If you increase your new patient visits per month by , then you generate:

Your Practice
Additional first-visit revenue from ___ new patients annually
Additional production revenue from ___ new patients annually

Real-time analytics let you optimize your front desk staffing, reduce missed calls, and convert more callers into booked appointments. Plus, make data-driven decisions on services, hours, and insurance participation.
You spend money on marketing. Now you’ll know which strategies are driving the high-value patients you want. Stop wasting time and money on what doesn’t work.
Patient Prism functions as a virtual coach, analyzing your new patient phone calls and teaching your team the most effective phrasing to use in each situation. You don't have to lift a finger!

“Patient Prism has been a game changer for us! It allows us to see in real-time our call conversions and opportunities, holds our team accountable, and rewards them for a job well done – all in one platform. Our team loves it!”

Dr. Mary Pham, CEO & Founder
Lollipop Dental

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