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Convert more callers into patients.

Rapid Call Tracking + Analytics + Revenue-Producing Call Coaching 

Made exclusively for dental practices & DSOs, Patient Prism gives your team the tools and training it needs to succeed.

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Don’t delay. The sooner you see what Patient Prism® can do, the sooner you can see results in your practice.

Call tracking software tells you where to spend money to make your phone ring.

It doesn’t help you turn callers into booked appointments.

That's why you need Patient Prism®. We analyze every new patient call and provide effective coaching tips to help your team book more appointments.

Plus, we tell you how potential patients found you so you know which advertising efforts are working. That helps you maximize your marketing ROI because you can reallocate dollars to where they're most effective. 

Generate more calls. Convert more callers into booked appointments. Discover how we can help you.

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How is Patient Prism® different?

Patient Prism® takes Call Tracking to a whole new level with its integrated rapid call analysis system.

It helps you discover which marketing investments makes your phone ring AND helps you identify potential patients who did not schedule an appointment, and turn them into booked appointments through effective call coaching.

Unlike Others
Why It Matters
Recapture Lost Opportunities
Why It Matters

Turn callers who did not schedule into booked appointments

Patient Prism® records your calls and uses Artificial Intelligence combined with experienced call coaches to provide specific guidance on how to re-engage with these patients and book an appointment - all within one hour of the original phone call.

Coach Your Team
Why It Matters

Sharpen your team’s call-handling skills 

Patient Prism® was specifically designed for the dental industry. We provide detailed coaching tips, effective phrasing and videos for each situation your team may encounter on the phone. Your phone is the lifeline for your practice. Make that first experience  a great one!

Fast Feedback
Why It Matters

Quickly evaluate how your front-office team handles incoming calls

Receive an alert by email or text message within an hour of a potential patient not booking an appointment, with actionable insights to call them back.

Review Annotated Call Recordings
Why It Matters

Discover what went wrong without listening to whole calls or recordings

You do not need to listen to any recorded calls. Patient Prism®'s patented system provides call visualization with notes that quickly identify what the caller wanted and the factors that contributed to the call not ending in a booked appointment. Best of all, we give suggestions on how to win back the caller.

Patient-Centric Experience
Why It Matters

Reinforce a patient-focused phone call while capturing the information you need

Demonstrate the amazing patient experience that you offer in your office starting from the moment they call. Receive specific guidance to better answer patients’ questions and learn how to quickly build rapport, all while capturing the information you need.

Recognize Top Performers
Why It Matters

Increase team performance and lower turnover

Tracking the performance of individuals helps you recognize and encourage the ones that do well. Patient Prism® incorporates an integrated reward program which has proven to create friendly competition, improve job satisfaction, and lower turnover. 


Manage Your Resources
Why It Matters

Adjust your resources efficiently using incoming call data

Whether you have multiple offices or just one, you gain full visibility in your team’s velocity and performance. You will be able to adjust your staffing strategy based on the volume of incoming calls received and the team accomplishments.

Easy to Understand Reports and Analytics
Why It Matters

Manage front-office team performance without micromanagement

Our simple interface makes it easy to review the data so you can manage and monitor your team's progress.

See How Patient Prism® Can Increase Your New Patient Revenue


Patient Prism® is much more than software for tracking incoming phone calls.

"I’ve worked with other companies that recorded your phone calls but never gave you any feedback. This is the first time a company has told us how we can better communicate with our patients. When we get the alerts, they tell us exactly what we need to work on and how we can make it better. It is phenomenal. It’s so much better than I ever anticipated."

Tanya Garcia
Office Manager
Diamond Valley Dentist

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See How Patient Prism® Can Increase Your New Patient Revenue